It takes an experienced team to make your financial information gleam.

Call us today to support your operations with a combination of the following services:

Expert Service (Preventative, Imaging)

  • Monthly cash forecast
  • Budget preparation
  • Reconcile and file for unclaimed funds

Service (Check-ups)

  • Reconcile bank accounts, loans and credit cards
  • Enter payroll in QuickBooks as suggested by dental practice
  • Reconcile receipts from dental software to QuickBooks
  • Pay Commercial Activity Tax
  • Monthly reports

Office Admin Service (Maintenance, Flossing)

  • Pay bills
  • Record payments/deposits
  • Submit payroll
  • 1099s
  • Enter banking transactions

Training Advisory Service (Smile)

  • Provides peace of mind that your financial information is in order
  • Training on how to provide any of the above services
  • Answers to QuickBooks and bookkeeping questions
  • Boosts your internal team’s know-how

We already know your industry, let us be your Gleam Team. Call 216.333.1303 or email

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