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Professional Bookkeeping Services for Nonprofit Organizations

Are you a not-for-profit (NFP) organization struggling to balance your substantial growth while keeping your core focus? BudgetEase gives nonprofit organizations peace of mind with its bookkeeping expertise.

Why Use BudgetEase for Nonprofit Bookkeeping?

  • Professionals that specialize in bookkeeping for nonprofit organizations. We have a team that works only on our not-for-profit clients.
  • Assistance with Grant Accounting including DOE, NIH, SBIR and other Government Grants
  • More time to spend on your organization
  • Help in growing your organization
  • Consistent, reliable service
  • Quick responses to your questions
  • On-time delivery
nonprofit bookkeeping services

Download Our Nonprofit Bookkeeping Overview, outlining why you need this, what you receive and what additional services we offer

Each Nonprofit Bookkeeping Review includes

  • Bank Reconciliations (up to 50 total transactions per month and 2 bank accounts)
  • Provide Statement of Activity, Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Cash Flow, Pledges Receivable and Grants Receivable reports
  • Enter Payroll
  • Track profit and loss by program
  • Pay CAT and Sales Tax, if applicable
  • Track grant income and spending
  • Review General Ledger
  • Consultation to discuss efficiencies and suggestions
  • Evaluation of current QuickBooks set up and recommendation for flexible nonprofit reporting and QuickBooks structure for NFPs

Additional Services and Add-ons

  • Dashboard for board meetings, including Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Reconciliation of QuickBooks to donor software
  • Cash Forecast incorporating timing of grant funding
  • 1099 preparation and submission of 1099 forms for all applicable contractors
  • Assistance in preparing and entering annual budget by program
  • Government grant tracking and special reporting
  • Chart of Accounts revision - tailored to fit Unified Chart of Accounts and Form 990
  • Year-end review - tax prep and audit assistance/recommendations
  • Product & Services mapping - to enhance financial reporting
  • Special reports - for Finance Committee and Board of Directors
  • Personalized training
  • Record Month End Accruals - to match income and expenses to the appropriate accounting periods
  • Board education - to help members interpret nonprofit financial reports
  • Prepare development reports at end of grant period that comply with grant requirements
  • Review benefit withholding - making sure that payments flow correctly through accounts
  • Functional Expense Summary (Programs, General and Administrative, Fundraising)
  • Cost of labor distributed across grants or programs as required by grantors
  • Assistance with audit Liquidity Disclosure
  • Monthly adjustment for operating and restricted cash

Learn more about how we assess and set up your QuickBooks to work best for your Nonprofit.

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