Professional Bookkeeping Services for Nonprofit Organizations

Are you a not-for-profit (NFP) organization struggling to balance your substantial growth while keeping your core focus? BudgetEase gives nonprofit organizations peace of mind with its bookkeeping expertise.

Working with BudgetEase, your nonprofit will have:

  • Professionals that specialize in bookkeeping for nonprofit organizations. We have a team that works only on our not-for-profit clients.
  • Assistance with Grant Accounting including DOE, NIH, SBIR and other Government Grants
  • More time to spend on your organization
  • Help in growing your organization
  • Consistent, reliable service
  • Quick responses to your questions
  • On-time delivery
  • A Nonprofit Professional Bookkeeping Review, which you can view here


Learn about the Difference Between Board and Donor Restrictions by watching our video below.

Budget Ease Donor vs Board Restricted Funds


Learn How We've Helped Other Nonprofit Organizations

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