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BudgetEase Service Opportunities


QBO Updated once a month

  • Register maintenance – entering transactions
  • Reconcilliations for bank, cc, merch serv, apps
  • Enter payroll in QBO
  • Manage prepaid expenses/loan amortization
  • Monthly meeting business review
  • Standard reporting
  • No help desk
  • Back-up with Rewind
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QBO Updated 2 times a month
Basic plus the following:

  • Payroll allocations by account
  • Cash forecast
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Help desk – available once a week
  • Customized reports as needed
  • Ohio sale/BWC/CAT
  • Annual business review and planning
  • 1099s
  • Fixed asset management/ depreciation schedule
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QBO Updated weekly
Essential plus the following:

  • Process improvement
  • Financial advisory service
  • Deferred revenue
  • Controller on call
  • Job costing
  • Accelerated monthly close
  • Determine and install correct technologies
  • Build lasing lending relationships
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* With time savings, better information and better results, our goal is 3x's return on our fee.


Only highlighted services included in monthy service plan.

  • Fiscal agent
  • IOLTA Tracking
  • Grant reporting by customer
  • Restricted funds reconcilliation
  • QBO Structure
  • AP – entering bills
  • AR – generating invoices
  • Subscription to QBO,
  • 3rd Party marketplace reconcilliation
  • Accrual
  • Outstanding invoice follow-up
  • Fixed asset management/ depreciation schedule
  • Inventory management/ reconcilliation
  • Audit support

Our services include:

Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping

Having trouble keeping a good bookkeeper? Tired of doing the bookkeeping yourself? We are your part-time bookkeeping solution.

Fractional CFO/ Advisory Services

Our team of expert controllers and bookkeepers will manage your finances from week-to-week or month-to-month, without the cost of having to hire someone full-time.


Fallen behind? With a team we can catch you up quickly.

Set-up for QuickBooks Online

Confused about how to get started with QuickBooks, QB Online or how to transfer your desktop to QBO? Save yourself time and money with our expert solutions to get started right.

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Adding value to the next level and beyond


Get timely answers to your questions

Put your financial review on auto pilot. Get timely answers to your questions, closed books according to a set schedule and a monthly meeting to review your financial information for opportunities for growth.


Leverage technology

BudgetEase stays informed, tests, and then recommends new apps best suited for you, so that you can leverage technology to save you time and get more impactful financial information. 


Work with experts

Use the BudgetEase Team of QuickBooks Online Bookkeeping Experts, who constantly train, so you no longer have to.


Never have to hire again

With two BudgetEase bookkeeping experts assigned to your account your work is always done according to your schedule. If you bookkeeper leaves, BudgetEase makes sure you are covered. You never have to hire again!


Worry Free

Clean financial information to make impactful decisions.

Where we make a difference

  • Nonprofit
  • Service
  • eCommerce

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