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Client Spotlight Interview: Adatasol

If you are challenged with your CRM, Project Management Software, or ERP our client, Adatasol, can help youWe all rely on Salesforce or other highly regarded, expensive software to make our businesses sing, but when they don’t because features don’t align with our business we get stuckAdatasol can make life easier for you.

What to Cover in a Monthly Financial Review Meeting

One of the benefits of hiring an accounting/bookkeeping expert is the ability to meet with them after month-end close, to have them explain your financial statements to you and to help draw your attention to important aspects of the financial data. A monthly financial review meeting is a good starting point to ensuring your business is staying on track. Here is what we recommend you review:

Cash Flow

Your business's cash flow is important when assessing flexibility, liquidity, and overall financial performance. Cash flow refers to cash and cash equivalents  (CCE) received by your business - inflow - and spent by your business - outflow. The information is compiled in a standard financial document known as the 'statement of cash flows' or 'cash flow statement'. This article will help walk you through the components and analyze a cash flow statement to better suit your business!

Client Spotlight Interview: iPlanGroup

iPlan Group, founded by Jill Banner, gives you control of your IRA investment. Focusing on self-directed IRAs, iPlan ensures timely and hassle-free investment management while providing several resources and tools for novice and experienced investors alike.

Client Spotlight Interview: Zero9Holsters

Zero9 Solutions is a Cleveland, Ohio-based company comprised of current members of the Law Enforcement community partnered with leaders in the business community to bring you solutions for your training, equipment selection, and gear production needs.  For over ten years, Zero9 Solutions has been creating solutions that work for the LE, Military, and responsibly armed civilian/CCW markets.

Client Spotlight Interview: My One Medical Source (MOMS)

My One Medical Source® (MOMS) is the go-to resource for all of your lab testing-related needs. They are shifting the existing paradigm of specialized testing for those who need it and those who supply it to a new model that empowers both parties and makes healthcare more accessible.

Client Spotlight Interview: Sterling Janitorial Services

We are happy to introduce Jean King, owner of Sterling Janitorial Services. Sterling Janitorial Services is a small, family-owned, commercial cleaning company that focuses mainly on cleaning office buildings and parking lots. We are proud to have Jean and Sterling Janitorial as our clients since 2017!

Client Spotlight Interview: Gimmeahand

Can you guess what our client, GimmeAhand Academy, does?  Founded by Lachelle Bender, 18 years ago, GimmeAhand Academy is a 5-star nail school with top tier education for licensed manicurists and nail technicians.

Does Your Chart of Accounts Need to be Restructured?

Do you ever look at your financial information and can’t quickly see the story it is telling you. Maybe your Chart of Accounts (COA) needs some housekeeping. Like a hoarder some COA collect old information that needs to be cleared away. There can be several reasons for a business to change its COA. It could be that your business has changed or perhaps there are problems in the original design of your COA. Your r eports may not produce the information that your organization needs to properly run the business or meet tax and regulatory needs.

How Do I Make Depositing Money Easier?

Most people don’t think about the mechanics of making a bank deposit. You just go to the bank, fill out a form and hand it to them, right? Well, not so fast. Banks aren’t perfect and make mistakes. Plus, the world of banking is changing.