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Two Things a Successful Entrepreneur Should Never Do

I heard this advice at the JumpStart EXPO from a very successful entrepreneur. When it comes to small business bookkeeping there are two things a business owner should never do:

The 4th Quarter Stretch

It’s that time of year, rounding out the fall season and sliding into the last few months of the year. With the daily unexpected events, now is as good a time as any to take stock in what you and your business have…at this very moment.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Reviewing Your Company Budget

As last year winded down and you looked toward this year, you probably had goals and dreams of where you would like your business to go and how to make it grow. You prepared what you thought to be a realistic budget. Preparing the budget is the first step; reviewing it at least monthly is as important to the success of your company. Don’t let your budget gather dust and never look at it again.

The Top Outsourced Bookkeeping Services in Cleveland

As the CEO and founder of BudgetEase, an outsourced bookkeeping service in Cleveland, Ohio, I meet with hundreds of small businesses each year. As prospective clients weigh their options when choosing a partner for their bookkeeping, I often get asked who do I respect in the region.

5 Common Mistakes Found in a Quick Audit and How to Fix Them

Auditing your QuickBooks monthly not only ensures your financial information is correct, but it also helps you to make better business decisions. If you haven’t done so already, complete this quick checklist to ensure your QuickBooks are in order. The following are the five most common mistakes found in a quick audit and how to fix them.

How Your Bookkeeper Should Treat You, the Business Owner

Our small business clients have varied relationships with their respective bookkeepers. Some are a part of the team on a full-time basis, while others have the bookkeeper in part-time or as needed, either weekly or even monthly.

When the Unexpected Hits, Take Time to Reflect

2017 has been flying by for us and many of our clients find themselves in full swing, performing and thriving. At BudgetEase, we occasionally see the unexpected hit – illnesses of key people or unexpected changes in a client’s market.

Video: Understanding the Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Online

The chart of accounts is the set of accounts that show up on your balance sheet and profit and loss statement that you put your transactions into. In this video, learn how to set up a quality, but high-level chart of accounts in QuickBooks Online.

10 Small Business Bookkeeping Tips for New Businesses

  1. Determine the best type of business entity to conduct your business. The major choices include sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company LLC, corporation, and non profit.

Our Favorite QuickBooks Apps

There are so many apps out there, that it can be difficult to filter through the ones that will actually be valuable to you. We did the work for you below, and are including our favorite apps, which are the ones we use ourselves to provide our QuickBooks bookkeeping services.