What QuickBooks Subscription is Right for You?

Use this checklist to select the features you need to determine which QuickBooks subscription is best for you.

New Client QuickBooks Checklist

Use this checklist to select the features your new client needs and determine which QuickBooks subscription is best for them.

QuickBooks Audit Checklist

Prepare for year-end or simply do a quick audit on your QuickBooks to make sure they're in order.  

Access the QuickBooks Audit Checklist here.

Tip: Save Time Reconciling Large Bank Statements

When you have pages of entries to reconcile or even a long list, left click and drag the check mark to select entries that have cleared instead of clicking each item separately. Caution: Make sure that all the check numbers have been entered and that you do not check items that have not been cleared. 

QuickBooks Online – What’s New

Completely rebuilt for the cloud and all of your devices. Simple, intuitive and lightning fast. Find out what's new with QuickBooks Online here.

QuickBooks for Mac

“I just bought QuickBooks for Mac!” … and don’t know anything about QuickBooks for Mac, right? Well, the QuickBooks for Mac team have an online magazine called Little Square that is perfect for you. Check out Little Square here.

The idea behind the Little Square online magazine is to bring together four groups of people: new users, advanced users, the QuickBooks for Mac team, and ProAdvisors.  QB Little Square is a central place, like a town square or the quad at a college, where people can gather to learn something new and share information.

Little Square content is different from other sources such as Help and our Customer Care site. Little Square is about offering advice, giving examples and discovery. A lot of small business owners, especially new ones, aren’t comfortable exploring QuickBooks and all it can do for them. Little Square is designed to help build their confidence by introducing them to features they may not know about, or helping them get a grip on features they may not be comfortable with just yet.

Little Square also includes a special section called Square One that’s designed to help people get started with QuickBooks for Mac. If you’re a Windows user, our Switching to Mac section has articles about the differences between QuickBooks on Windows and Mac, as well as how you can share data between the two versions of QuickBooks. 

There is always something new to check out – everything from keyboard shortcuts to the pitfalls of managing your business by bank balance.

Sample QBO file

QuickBooks Online Training Workbook

Sample Chart of Accounts

How to Condense a QuickBooks Desktop File