Rent-a-Bookkeeper Temporary Service

Just lost your bookkeeper and need help NOW? Taxes are due, the auditors just walked in or you need to send information to lenders. You need to make sure invoicing stays current and don't have time to do it yourself. Do you want to have a fresh set of eyes to make sure that your QuickBooks is being used as efficiently as possible?

Solution - Use BudgetEase to keep your financial information in order until you find a permanent replacement for your bookkeeper.  

Ongoing Bookkeeping

Looking for a permanent part-time bookkeeper? Don’t have time to do your bookkeeping yourself anymore? Tired of using an individual who is overwhelmed or works on your books in the middle of the night? Are you concerned that the bookkeepers you are interviewing don’t have the skills you need?  Do you have to track down your bookkeeper?

Solution - Our bookkeepers will manage your finances from week-to-week or month-to-month, without having to hire us full-time. BudgetEase is a cost effective solution to solve your bookkeeping challenges because of our ability to set up procedures and manage your transactions efficiently.

Our Outsourced Bookkeeping Service includes:

  • Entering all accounting transactions for your company into the QuickBooks file, including checks, deposits, online credit cards and other transactions affecting the checking account.
  • Preparing financial reports requested by your company at least monthly.
  • Generating estimates, invoices, credit memos and all other customer transactions.
  • Entering vendor transactions such as: bills, item receipts, checks, credit card charges and purchase orders.
  • Processing checks and credit card transactions
  • Setting up merchant accounts
  • Maintaining grant accounting with labor distribution reports and either class or backlog reports.
  • Entering journal entries as necessary, including payroll and depreciation (when directed by your accountant). 
  • Reconciling bank statements
  • Reviewing the General Ledger monthly for accuracy and making adjustments as needed
  • Setting up new customers, employees, and vendors
  • Entering month-end accrual entries and journal entries as necessary, including payroll and depreciation (when directed by your accountant).  

QuickBooks Online Backup

Concerned about keeping your financial records in the cloud? Does losing your data scare you?

Solution: Our QuickBooks Online Backup Service provides you with peace of mind. Monthly we will provide you with an electronic file that includes up-to-date trial balances, general ledger, customer, and vendor information.

To learn more about our outsourced bookkeeping services, contact us today.

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