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Do you want a second set of eyes to make sure your QuickBooks is correct?

Do you have QuickBooks mostly figured out but have questions every now and then? You know how to enter most transactions, but a couple times a month you need help. You want your financial information in order for investors or lenders. Maybe you are just tired of looking at bad financial reports that are a result of old mistakes.

QuickBooks Review can include:

  • Answers to your questions when they come up
  • Monthly bank reconciliations
  • A Quick Audit by a QuickBooks Certified Advisor
  • Correcting transactions immediately
  • Preparation of Investor Reports
  • Monthly discussion of financial information
  • Suggestions for more efficient procedures
  • Oversight to improve internal security
  • Entering payroll
  • Calculating and paying sales tax and CAT tax

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QuickBooks Diagnosis

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