Accounts Receivable Best Practices

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QuickBooks Audit Checklist

Complete this quick checklist to ensure your QuickBooks are in order. 

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eCheck Authorization Form

In order to automatically pull funds from a client’s bank account or credit card you should have a signed authorization from your client. This form has all the information you need to withdraw the funds, plus when signed by your client, gives you authorization. We use this form for clients who don’t want to bother paying bills or who are slow pays in order to assure our work is being paid for as agreed. Make sure you keep the form in a secure location so the confidential information is safe.

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Expense Report Template

We see a variety of expense reports. This form is easy to fill out and contains the information you need to efficiently process a payment to an employee.

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Financial Statement Template

If your company has very few transactions, no inventory or loans and you are working hard to keep expenses low, use this excel spreadsheet to organize your financial information. This Template is an efficient way to organize all your bank and credit card transactions into a Profit & Loss to see how your small business is doing on a monthly basis. You could also use this template to organize your transactions so your accountant can easily prepare your taxes.

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Sales & Use Tax Blanket Exemption Letter

If you are a tax exempt organization, non-profit, or if the item you are selling is owned by a tax exempt organization, you shouldn’t pay sales tax. Provide this form to your vendor so they do not charge you sales tax on your purchases. If you are selling to a tax exempt organization, have the organization provide you with this completed form before the sale and don’t charge them sales tax.

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Obtain a W-9 from each person you paid more than $600 a year for services or rents so you have the information you need to prepare a 1099. Obtain this form from individuals or LLCs for accounting, legal, housekeeping, marketing, or other services. You need not collect this form when you purchase merchandise, pay for utilities, or when purchasing anything from non-profits or corporations (unless it is your attorney).

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W-4 2015

Obtain a W-4 from all your employees so that you can withhold the correct federal income tax from their pay. Make sure your employees complete a new Form W-4 each year or when their personal or financial situation changes.

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IRS Form I-9

Employers are responsible for completing I-9 to document verification of the identity and employment authorization of each new employee hired after 1986. Employers may be fined if the form is not complete. Employees must complete Section 1 no later than the first day of employment.

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Bookkeeping Rate Survey

What should you pay your bookkeeper? Here is a survey of what bookkeepers are charging.

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Sample Job Description for a Bookkeeper

Are you ready to hire a bookkeeper? Here is the template we use to find qualified individuals. You can adjust the word document to meet your needs.  For more information on how to find a bookkeeper see our blog.

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BudgetEase Protocol for Vendor Changes

To protect our clients from fraud, BudgetEase will not make changes to a vendor's address or bank information without written and verbal permissions from our client.

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