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Don't want or need a bookkeeper in your office?

Do you have a remote workforce?  Are you always on the go? You may be located in an area without nearby experienced bookkeepers. Are you finding it challenging to find reliable help to come to your office that has the special skills that you need. 

How Virtual Bookkeeping Services works:

  • We help you to maintain a monthly rhythm so you avoid falling behind
  • We thoroughly review your books for accuracy  
  • We perform an analysis of your financials to help identify trends and opportunities 
  • We enter all your transactions in QuickBooks and reconcile your accounts
  • We have a quick video call each month or quarter to go over your goals and review your financial information
  • We answer your questions anytime on the phone, via email or in-person
  • You determine the level of service you need and how often you would like your accounts updated

Our Outsourced Bookkeeping Services can include:

  • Entering all accounting transactions for your company into the QuickBooks file, including checks, deposits, online credit cards and other transactions affecting the checking account
  • Preparing required financial reports requested by your company at least monthly
  • Generating estimates, invoices, credit memos and all other customer transactions
  • Entering vendor transactions such as: bills, item receipts, checks, credit card charges and purchase orders
  • Processing checks and credit card transactions
  • Setting up merchant accounts
  • Maintaining grant accounting with labor distribution reports and either class or backlog reports
  • Entering journal entries as necessary, including payroll and depreciation (when directed by your accountant)
  • Reconciling bank statements
  • Reviewing the General Ledger monthly for accuracy and making adjustments as needed
  • Setting up new customers, employees, and vendors
  • Entering month-end accrual entries and journal entries as necessary, including payroll and depreciation (when directed by your accountant)

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