Have you fallen behind a couple months or even 20?

No problem. We provide catch-up bookkeeping to help organize and clean up your bookkeeping records.

How does Catch-Up Bookkeeping work?


  • Send us your QuickBooks file or add us an Accountant to QuickBooks Online.
  • You also send us all your bank/credit card statements.


  • Completes a quick Audit
  • Enters all your transactions into QB
  • Reconciles your accounts
  • Makes suggestions to use QuickBooks to the fullest
  • Sends you helpful financial reports


  • We discuss our conclusions and work out a plan so you can reach your financial goals.

Our Catch-Up Bookkeeping Service include:

  • Reviewing the Chart of Accounts: removing duplicates and reviewing structure for best future reporting
  • Reviewing the balance sheet and income statement, your transactions for the current and previous year and your existing QuickBooks setup
  • Reviewing items for accuracy and making appropriate adjustments
  • Changing QuickBooks preferences
  • Looking at class tracking
  • Balancing the general ledger to subsidiary records
  • Checking payroll entries
  • Reviewing your credit card process and payments for efficiency and accuracy. A system for matching credit card payments with your bank account will be established
  • Clearing up Undeposited Funds Account
  • Fixing unapplied customer payments and credits
  • Removing inactive invoices
  • Fixing unapplied vendor payments and credits
  • Reconciling all bank accounts, adding missing transactions and removing duplicate transactions

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