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Have you fallen behind a couple months or even 20?

No problem. We provide catch-up bookkeeping to help organize and clean up your bookkeeping records.

Why Do You Need Catch-Up Bookkeeping?

  1. To obtain bank financing
  2. Attract investors
  3. Demonstrate solvency
  4. Prepare for taxes
  5. Determine profitability
  6. Prepare concise and accurate financial reporting
  7. Identify areas of improvement
  8. Ability to prepare a budget or rolling forecast

How does Catch-Up Bookkeeping work?

  • Send us your QuickBooks file or add us an Accountant to QuickBooks Online.
  • You also send us all your bank/credit card statements.
  • Completes a quick Audit
  • Enters all your transactions into QB
  • Reconciles your accounts
  • Makes suggestions to use QuickBooks to the fullest
  • Sends you helpful financial reports
  • We discuss our conclusions and work out a plan so you can reach your financial goals.

Our Bookkeeping Catch-Up Service includes:

  • Reconciliation of all bank and credit card accounts, adding missing transactions and removing duplicate transactions
  • Streamlining of processes and procedures
  • A Balance Sheet that is accurate and easy to follow
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable clean-up
  • Payroll review
  • Review of opening balances (from tax return)
  • Balancing of the general ledger to subsidiary records
  • Correction of undeposited funds account
  • Analysis of Products & Services and Items (if applicable)
  • Modification of QuickBooks preferences to meet current needs
  • A review of classes and locations (if applicable)

Additional Services:

  • Customized reports
  • Review of Chart of Accounts; removing duplicates, review structure for concise reporting
  • Reconciling Investment Account
  • Preparation of an annual budget

Download Our Catch Up Bookkeeping Service Overview

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