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8 Similarities Between Bookkeeping and Laundry

May 7, 2015 8:30:00 AM Elizabeth Dagley QuickBooks, Bookkeeping



At BudgetEase, we often compare bookkeeping to doing the Laundry.  Here are some similarities that we see:
  • You start with a big mess or pile and finish with everything in its place.

  • The more time you spend on getting the right equipment and initial set up, the less time and money you will spend cleaning up mistakes down the road.

  • You feel great when both are done regularly and correctly and you ward off unnecessary problems.

  • The more behind you fall, the more difficult it becomes to catch up.

  • If you cut corners to save time by skipping steps like not sorting income and expenses into the proper accounts, you spend more time and money for clean up later on.

  • It is an ongoing chore you cannot ignore!

  • You can do both yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

  • You have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when you are done.
BudgetEase will do your Laundry – I mean bookkeeping for you. As an outsourced bookkeeper, we set your bookkeeping up for you, provide you with QuickBooks training, catch your bookkeeping up when you get behind and even clean up your books if they ever get out of control. 

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Elizabeth Dagley

Written by Elizabeth Dagley