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    100% Foolproof Methods to Increase Revenue

    So, you want to increase revenue? Who doesn’t!  Here are our suggestions to increase your profit margins.

    What can you do today that will make you happy in the future? Seize the day!

    This is a great opportunity to refine your small business processes. Our professionals at BudgetEase can:

    When Do I Need to Get Help to Clean Up My QuickBooks?

    If you’re like most small business owners, you have a long list of thing to get done to keep your business operating. Substantial effort is placed on increasing sales, product development, hiring the right people, and making sure customers are happy. Typically, bookkeeping is a secondary concern. Unfortunately, not keeping your books clean and concise is probably costing you money.

    What You Need to Know - Small Business and COVID-19

    We are in an unprecedented time where businesses closures are mandated, people are quarantined, and the demand for some goods and services has plummeted. There are some important temporary measures for small business owners and employees you should know about.

    Spring Cleaning for Your Business: Go Paperless!

    You've started spring cleaning your home and yard, but what about your office? Consider a paperless office as part of your spring cleanup and organization. There are benefits as well as incentives to going paperless and every dollar bill counts in today’s economy.

    Managing Fixed Assets

    The question many of our small business owners have is how to manage fixed assets. Here we walk you through identifying which assets are fixed, and then an example of depreciating a vehicle.

    Bookkeepers Guide to Closing 2019

    Before you close the year in QuickBooks (more on that to follow), you need to ensure a few things are done.

    How Do I Love Thee? An Ode to My Bookkeeper.

    As Valentine's Day approaches, we think of those we love. We buy them chocolates and diamonds and maybe go on a date. This year, the one I love is my bookkeeper. But, since I'm a small business owner, I need to be smart about my expenses and my bookkeeper understands that. So I will profess my love here in words. So, how do I love thee, bookkeeper? Here I count the ways:

    7 Steps When You Hire The First Employee at Your Small Business

    One of the most exciting things a small business owner will do is hire their first employee.

    Here are a few tips when you do so:

    1. Budget for the Addition

    BudgetEase Provides Free Bookkeeping Help at The Dealership

    Stop by if you are having a hard time setting up your QuickBooks, are not sure what version of QuickBooks you should use or know there is something wrong with your QuickBooks that you don’t know how to fix,  As a small business owner, financial stability is important.

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