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    Making YOU Profitable: The Importance of a Clean Balance Sheet

    Cash may be King but never underestimate the value of a clean balance sheet. What does clean mean and why is it important?

    How Not-for-Profits Can Prepare for an Audit

    Audits can be anxiety producing but they don’t need to be. You just need to be organized.

    The Classic Nonprofit Challenge: Too Much Information & Too Many Classes

    We often help nonprofits simplify their bookkeeping records that are overwhelming because the financial statements have too much detail. Often, more is NOT better. Too much information (TMI) can be confusing and doesn’t paint a clean picture of how the organization is doing.

    Case Study: Nonprofit Thinks Their QuickBooks Desktop is Corrupted

    Troubleshooting QuickBooks Issues for a NonProfit


    1. There is an “.ADR” file extension appearing on the files within the QuickBooks Desktop folder.
    2. The nonprofit can’t create a usable, portable file.
    3. There are two users accessing QuickBooks from the organization, BUT only one person can use the file at a time.

    Not-for-Profit Finds Cost-Effective Bookkeeper

    More and more organizations need special reports to make good financial decisions. Non-profit organizations need to keep track of each project while often managing cash closely. Read about a not-for-profit Musical Group that used BudgetEase to get the information they needed in a very cost effective way.New Call-to-action

    Case Study: Bookkeeping Supports Quick Growth at Not-for-Profit

    Many Not-for-Profit organizations struggle to balance their substantial growth while keeping their core focus. BudgetEase gives Not-for-Profit organizations peace of mind by handling the “nitty gritty details" with their bookkeeping expertise.

    Procedure for Charities to Accept Stock Donations

    Even small and medium-sized organizations can accept donations of stock. Here’s how: 

    7 Things for Small Business to Include in Expense Reports

    What do you need in an Expense Report? To save you and your bookkeeper time, incorporate the following seven features into your Expense Report.

    1. An easy to fill out excel spreadsheet

    2. Basic information

    • Date prepared
    • Date approved
    • Employee Name
    • Period Report Covers

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