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Did BudgetEase Accomplish Its 2021 Goals?

While I was on the plane on my way to Scaling New Heights 2022, the premier conference for Bookkeeping Experts, I took a look at my goals from the last conference held in November 2021 to see how well we did in accomplishing our goals. Here are the results including the grade we gave ourselves for achieving our goals.

Company Spotlight Interview: Maximum Value Partners

Meet Maximum Value Partners, LLC, a company dedicated to helping small businesses grow. As a dynamic duo, Adam Sonnhalter and Jack Mencini work together to provide high-value coaching to business owners. At BudgetEase, we have seen their coaching in action with our clients. Their results are impressive.

Client Spotlight Interview: Tree Frog Canopy Tours

Please meet Anna Lee Christiansen, the owner of Tree Frog Canopy Tours, a zipline company located in the heart of Loudonville, Ohio. What began as a family’s small business venture is now a successful company offering a variety of recreational packages to its customers. An adventure for the whole family, Tree Frog Canopy Tours is Northern Ohio's only dual-cable zipline canopy tour. It's a great way to explore the natural beauty of the area, all while having a challenging and thrilling experience and creating memories. We asked Anna more about her family’s journey and how bookkeeping has played a role in their business.

CPAs and Bookkeepers: Why You Need Both

Our clients often ask us to help prepare their taxes in addition to the small business bookkeeping assistance we provide. Instead, we refer our clients to a CPA firm to provide tax preparation assistance. Why? Let’s look at the primary purpose of a CPA and a bookkeeping firm.

Client Spotlight Interview: Kaiser Gallery

Give a warm welcome to Tanya Kaiser. Tanya has an MFA in Studio Arts from Stony Brook University and nearly a decade of experience in management and education within the world of the arts. In less than two years, she moved to Cleveland from New York and has already successfully established the Kaiser Gallery. Located in Tremont, this inclusive gallery showcases local art while offering expertly made cocktails. Driven artists from diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to express their creative talents while guests can relax and enjoy their experience.

Client Spotlight Interview: Werkberry

Please meet Lori-Anne and Nick Meyers, co-owners of Werkberry. Werkberry provides smaller businesses with innovative job advertising and cost-effective solutions to help them fill open positions. Their service is delivered via a software platform that provides cutting edge hiring and advertising solutions in one easy-to-use tool. They find talented candidates, guide job title and ad creation, and manage candidates in one place quickly, easing the burden of time spent on talent hunting for a small business.

Nonprofit Advisors You Can Rely On

Are you struggling to complete a strategic plan, get a fundraising campaign off the ground, or expand your reach? Despite having a great team, your nonprofit may need the expertise of an outside Advisor. This is not a poor reflection on your organization; instead it’s a testament to the time constraints and experience involved in these types of projects. Advisors we heartily recommend are:

Twenty-five: The Percentage to Know for PPP-2

Now that specifics are out for the second Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) round, there are some important things you need to know. One is the 25% loss in receipts rule.

'Tis the eCommerce Season

Despite the time of year, I chose to head to Aurora Outlets to pick up a few holiday gifts this week. I recall saying last year that I would spare myself the misery of trying to find a parking spot and waiting in line. Knowing the annoyance lying ahead, I went anyway.

It’s Almost Year-End. What Should You Be Thinking About?

It’s not too late to get organized for year-end. A lot of small business owners wait too long to get their financials in order. Closing the books for the year doesn’t have to be a race to the finish; it can be a jog. Below are a few things you can do now.