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Client Spotlight Interview: Esselstyn Foundation

Jun 27, 2022 11:48:32 AM Kathy Dise Small Business, Bookkeeping, small business bookkeeping

Esselstyn FoundationThis month's client spotlight is dedicated to the Esselstyn Foundation. They are a nonprofit organization that promotes wellness by sharing the wonders of plant-based nutrition. Here is what Executive Director Brian had to say about the Foundation.

Tell us more about your business:

The Esselstyn Foundation is a 501c3 public charity that seeks to prevent and reverse lifestyle-related diseases through the promotion of whole food, and plant-based nutrition. Our strategic vision is to partner with a wide variety of non-profits such as schools, universities, hospitals, community organizations, and public health initiatives to get the message out about the transformational power of plant-based nutrition. All of our programming is offered free of charge. We have been in existence for almost three years. 


What is your biggest challenge?

Our biggest challenge is our size. We have one full-time employee (me) who does almost everything. We presented to roughly 3,500 people last year and are aiming to present to 5,000 this year. That is our goal. In other words, the executive director's plate is a full one at the Foundation. 


What led you to BudgetEase?

I asked around and BudgetEase was suggested to me by my financial advisor. Because I am somewhat of a one-man show, I needed help keeping the books. 


Why do you find having someone else do your bookkeeping helpful?

Having someone else do our books is critical. I can spend my time as Executive Director communicating with donors, developing programs, updating the website, and creating content. I do not have the time to also keep track of all the financial nuances of running a non-profit. Having really clean and organized financial records is especially important for non-profits because we have to file form 990 every year with the government. This is really important for us, as it helps us keep our 501c3 status. BudgetEase makes it really easy for our accountant to put together the 990 form for us; everything is organized and right there for her. 

You can learn more about Esselstyn Foundation at!

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Kathy Dise

Written by Kathy Dise

Kathy has over 30 years experience helping small businesses succeed. As a commercial lender, commercialization expert and now as a QuickBooks diamond level advisor, Kathy understands the challenges small business owners face. Her experience helps business owners quickly accomplish their financial goals. As the owner of BudgetEase, Kathy works with clients to develop a plan to efficiently process 1,000s of small transactions so owners can make informed decisions. She lives in Shaker Heights, OH with her husband Ralph and enjoys golf, curling and walking in Cleveland’s fabulous Metro Parks.