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    Kathy Dise

    Kathy has over 30 years experience helping small businesses succeed. As a commercial lender, commercialization expert and now as a QuickBooks diamond level advisor, Kathy understands the challenges small business owners face. Her experience helps business owners quickly accomplish their financial goals. As the owner of BudgetEase, Kathy works with clients to develop a plan to efficiently process 1,000s of small transactions so owners can make informed decisions. She lives in Shaker Heights, OH with her husband Ralph and enjoys golf, curling and walking in Cleveland’s fabulous Metro Parks.

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    Client Spotlight Interview: Standout Consulting

    Please meet Molly Walsh, owner of Standout Consulting, and a BudgetEase customer since 2014. We have firsthand experience of Molly's skills. She is our coach and has been instrumental in guiding BudgetEase as we've doubled in size. Molly always asks the questions that I never think to ask, is one of the first people I call in a crisis and keeps me focused when faced with life’s many distractions.

    How to Get the Most Value From Your Bookkeeper

    If you have a hard time finding or keeping a bookkeeper or are not satisfied with the performance of your bookkeeper, here are some tips that guarantee getting the most out of your bookkeeper.

    Why Start a Mid-Year Budget?

    When is it too late to start a budget? Some business owners don’t use a budget, and as a result, aren’t sure where money is being spent. Maybe you created some projections at the beginning of the year but are missing the mark on the sales side. Even though half the year is over, you can gain some valuable insights by assessing your first-half actual results to create a new budget.

    2020 Testimonials from Cleveland Businesses

    Have your clients asked for help finding a good bookkeeper recently? We offer the highest-quality bookkeeping services for small businesses in Cleveland. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us!

    4 Simple Tips to Be Prepared for the Next PPP Opportunity

    It was only a matter of two weeks before funds were depleted in the first round of the PPP loan program. Outside of the alleged mishandling of loan applications by some large lenders, and companies with substantial resources receiving funds, some small businesses had a hard time applying for the government assistance.

    Spring Cleaning for Your Business: Go Paperless!

    You've started spring cleaning your home and yard, but what about your office? Consider a paperless office as part of your spring cleanup and organization. There are benefits as well as incentives to going paperless and every dollar bill counts in today’s economy.

    How Do I Love Thee? An Ode to My Bookkeeper.

    As Valentine's Day approaches, we think of those we love. We buy them chocolates and diamonds and maybe go on a date. This year, the one I love is my bookkeeper. But, since I'm a small business owner, I need to be smart about my expenses and my bookkeeper understands that. So I will profess my love here in words. So, how do I love thee, bookkeeper? Here I count the ways:

    7 Steps When You Hire The First Employee at Your Small Business

    One of the most exciting things a small business owner will do is hire their first employee.

    Here are a few tips when you do so:

    1. Budget for the Addition

    How to Improve Your Profitability (Done Backward)

    I hear regularly "I want to improve my profitability."

    Here is the P&L from a company that improved their return on sales to 20% from -3.6% the prior year:

    5 Ways to Be More Efficient with Your Books

    Small business owners wear many hats, and it's easy to let things slip through cracks (like that great marketing campaign you were going to do for the holidays). It's nothing to feel bad about... when priorities shift, your attention and time needs to as well. There are plenty of tasks that can be tabled, but there are some that border on dangerous when delayed, and bookkeeping is one of them when you get too far behind. When you let it pile up, the details start to slip and are harder to reconstruct. So, we thought we'd share a few of our sagely tips that seem to be useful in keeping the time spent tracking your finances as efficient and effective as possible. 

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