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Do I Need an Accountant, Bookkeeper, Controller, or Fractional CFO?

Dec 1, 2021 11:30:00 AM Cheryl Coyle QuickBooks, Small Business, Nonprofit, Financial Management, Bookkeeping, Accounting, small business bookkeeping, payroll

professional serviceIt can be confusing for small business owners to determine what professional service is needed. Typically, more than one service is necessary. Below are the differences in professional services available for you to determine which ones are best for your business.


Your bookkeeper will do the landslide of the monthly/weekly work that is necessary to keep your business running. For example, they will:

• Ensure your expenses and income are categorized and added to your books correctly
• Manage your merchant service accounts
Reconcile your bank accounts and loans
• Enter and facilitate payment of your bills
• Create and send invoices to your clients
• Record your depreciation
• Manage and maintain prepaid expense schedules
• Record payroll
• Prepare and pay Sales Tax and Commercial Activity Tax


An outsourced controller can add value in many ways, including:

• Preparation and maintenance of budgets
• Provide analysis in Key Performance Indicators and metrics
• Prepare and maintain Cash Forecast 
• Create accounting procedures and processes in accordance with industry best practices
• Oversee accounts payable and receivable
• Oversee accruals
• Compile financial statements and key reports


An accountant will compile, analyze, and ensure financial documents are lawful and compliant. In general, accountants:
• Prepare and file Federal, State, and Local Taxes
• Perform depreciation calculations 
• Audit financial information

Fractional CFO

The person fulfilling this role will assist with:

• Finding financing alternatives
• Developing strategic decisions (think adding a product line, employee, land and building purchases)
• Preparing a 13-week cash forecast

What Does BudgetEase Do?

BudgetEase specializes in:

Virtual Bookkeeping
Controller Services
Catch-up bookkeeping 
Developing your Tech Stack
Business Process Advisory 

We work with:

• Not for Profit work
Service industry bookkeeping
eCommerce bookkeeping

To help you get started, take a look at our Catch Up Bookkeeping Service Overview and see how we can help get you on track. We make QuickBooks work for you!

Download Our Catch Up Bookkeeping Service Overview

Cheryl Coyle

Written by Cheryl Coyle