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How to use QuickBooks: Journal Entries Made Simple

Check out BudgetEase's quick tutorial on how to make entering journal entries a simple process in QuickBooks.

For more QuickBooks help visit our Services Page. 


Bookkeeping for Start ups: Office Managers & Bookkeeping

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Heights Hillcrest Expo 2014 BudgetEase Questionnaire

Recently, BudgetEase took part in the Heights Hillcrest Expo 2014. While we were there we had participants fill out a survey to learn more about how people manage their bookkeeping. Not surprisingly 63% of the participants use QuickBooks to manage their QuickBooks.  Surprisingly more small companies are moving to the cloud – 60% of QuickBooks users prefer the desktop version while 40% have moved to the virtual QuickBooks Online version. 

The remaining 37% of our participants were split evenly between using Excel, keeping their receipts in a bag(which to us means doing relatively nothing), and Quicken(the Intuit program primarily used for individual bookkeeping). 

Applying Customer Deposits/ Prepayments: QuickBooks Help

Customer Deposits or Prepayment are confusing and sometimes can be tricky.  Use the following procedure in QuickBooks to process your Customer Deposits:

Set up an Item called Customer Deposit and map the Item to a Current Liability Account. 

Customer deposit items are used when a client prepays for products or services before they are received. For that reason, they are mapped to current liability accounts.  

Solutions for Money Making Mistakes: Small Business Bookkeeping

Check out this great blog from Intuit. It talks about four common mistakes that small businesses make all the time and how to easily solve them. They include building business credit, retirement plans, deductions, and estimated tax payments.

Accessing QuickBooks App on your Phone: QuickBooks Help

Check out Intuit's blog on the updates for the QuickBooks app available for the iPhone, iPad, and Droid. 

How to Reconcile your Checking Account Statement with QuickBooks

What is Your Favorite Shortcut?: QuickBooks Help


Our favorites are:  Control+ F (Find), Control+ H (History), and Control+Delete (remove a line).  What are yours for QuickBooks help? Let us Know.

Here are some other great QuickBooks Shortcuts:

BudgetEase Tip: Quick Way to Find Mistakes in QuickBooks