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Profit First with Mike Michalowicz

Nov 14, 2016 12:00:00 PM Kathy Dise Profitability

Mike Michalowicz and I share the same mission, making YOU profitable. I had the chance to hear Mike speak and have read his book, Profit First. In this video, Mike shares key concepts to make YOU profitable


Financial Statement Template 

Kathy Dise

Written by Kathy Dise

Kathy has over 30 years experience helping small businesses succeed. As a commercial lender, commercialization expert and now as a QuickBooks diamond level advisor, Kathy understands the challenges small business owners face. Her experience helps business owners quickly accomplish their financial goals. As the owner of BudgetEase, Kathy works with clients to develop a plan to efficiently process 1,000s of small transactions so owners can make informed decisions. She lives in Shaker Heights, OH with her husband Ralph and enjoys golf, curling and walking in Cleveland’s fabulous Metro Parks.