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eCommerce Startup Fuels Gamers With Beef Jerky I BudgetEase

Twin brothers Max & Zach Zitney founded JerkyXP in 2013 out of a passion for competitive online gaming and providing socially safe snacks. With just $1,200, the brothers launched a beef jerky business out of their college dorm.

4 Must-Dos When Starting an eCommerce Business

This is part one in our blog series "Transitioning to eCommerce: A Bookkeeper's Perspective." Read part two here.

You have a great idea for an eCommerce business. Our eCommerce clients are doing amazingly well.  Here are 4 things we see to guarantee smooth sailing when starting an eCommerce business:

Transitioning to eCommerce: A Bookkeeper's Perspective (Part 2)

Are you considering taking your business online?  An established distributor who now is moving into the eCommerce realm called me. She was concerned that QuickBooks Desktop would not be able to meet the needs of her WordPress website based eCommerce business. She is representing 11 manufacturers and never takes possession of the inventory. Customer orders will be for products from multiple companies. She wanted to know how she will process orders without purchasing an expensive program.