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    How to Better Prepare for This Year’s 1099 Season

    Did you scramble to find copies of your vendors’ W9s last year? 1099s must be postmarked by January 31st, 2021. It’s time to prepare to make the job easier for this year. Here are some tips that can proactively help you slide through January with ease:

    Never Hire Again

    Imagine how nice it would be not to have to hire a bookkeeper ever again. In addition to saving you time, an outsourced bookkeeping team will also save you money. Below are a few of the benefits of having an expert perform your bookkeeping.

    Client Spotlight Interview: We Can Code IT

    We are grateful to have Mel McGee and We Can Code IT as a client. We Can Code IT is a culturally inclusive learning community that offers fast-paced coding bootcamps for adults both online and in person. We Can Code IT facilitates a modern and engaging learning experience. They are committed to their students every step of the way, from admissions to job placement.

    Still a Thankful Bookkeeper

    This has been a challenging year. The knee jerk reaction is to think about the difficulties (and there have been many) that this year has brought us. It is also time to consider the things we are thankful for.

    NOW is the Perfect Time to Catch Up on Your Bookkeeping

    Summer's over, the kids are settled back in school or in their virtual classes, and we have a little time before the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping hits. Spend the extra time you have now catching up on your bookkeeping (and dealing with matters related to operating in a global pandemic). Sounds exciting, right? Probably not, but it will pay off if you do it! 

    Understanding & Preparing a Cash Flow Statement

    Do you ever wonder where your business’ money is going? If not, it’s time to look further. A great way to find out is by using the cash flow statement, or statement of cash flows. Along with the balance sheet and income statement, the cash flow statement will identify where your revenue is coming from and where it’s going.

    The Malarkey Involved in E-Commerce Bookkeeping

    With more people shopping online, it’s a great time to be in the e-commerce business. If you’re like other e-commerce businesses, it’s likely that you need help with your bookkeeping. There are a lot of moving parts and managing them is no easy task. Hot topics in e-commerce bookkeeping are:

    The Fall Catch-Up Challenge

    This has been an unusual year with COVID-19 and the financial burden many businesses are facing. What has not changed is the calendar. The year ends on December 31st, and accountants will want to start preparing taxes between now and then.

    Client Spotlight Interview: One Health Organization

    Let me introduce, Dr. Anna Van Heeckeren. Dr. Anna is the President and CEO of One Health Organization. She is also a veterinarian who saw the need for affordable care for pets whose owners are unable to take them to the vet. One Health keeps pets and people healthy at home! With more people sheltering at home, One Health’s service is essential.

    Bad Bookkeeping Comes at a Cost

    Many small businesses choose to do their own bookkeeping for a variety of reasons, including perceived cost savings. Others hire a cheap bookkeeper or inexperienced staff to cut costs. The truth is, bad bookkeeping can be costly, and here is why:

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