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    How to Prepare for Year-End as a Small Business

    What small businesses can do now to make year-end less stressful

    Your mail volume has been increasing by the day. Your emails seem to be multiplying geometrically! Oh yes, these companies and organizations are gearing up for the end of the year. Retail stores are heading into the holidays so they want you to come in and buy. Charitable organizations want your tax deductible contribution.  Most established companies have a year-end advertising campaign to increase sales or contributions.

    Why Isn’t My Net Income What I Think it Should Be?

    Help for Small Business Owners to Understand their Profit & Loss

    Are you having a hard time understanding how your accountant arrives at your net income when you have an amount in your mind and the amounts are significantly different?

    4 Ways to Safeguard Your Start-up Company Against Theft

    So you started a business and you have hired a couple people, rented space, and are working on marketing it. Congratulations! You put your heart and soul and countless hours into the making of your dream. Of course you trust yourself, but can you trust those around you? Many start-up companies don’t even think about safeguarding their business until it is too late.

    Areas to Safeguard

    1. Your Physical Space

    Do you have a cleaning crew? Does your landlord have a key to your office? Anyone having access to your office can browse unlocked files, unsecured computers, desks, etc. Keep your valuable information safe and project that security to your employees as well.

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