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When Do You Need a Bookkeeper?

While running your own business, you pay bills online, deposit checks with your smart phone and check your bank balance using the internet. So far you are managing quite well. Then something unexpected happens - an automatic bill payment you set up clears the bank and suddenly you are overdrawn.  

Using Quickbooks to Track Grant Balances for Nonprofits

Accountants love it when they get a clean set of books. The ultimate prize is when the Net Assets with Donor Restrictions account is up to date. A critical step in getting there is a good grant balance tracking system maintained throughout the year. Here are three ways we track restricted grant balances using QuickBooks Online:

Restructure QuickBooks to Get Better Reporting for Your Nonprofit

We work with many nonprofits and understand the hurdles they face trying to grow their organization while effectively managing finances, including financial planning and reporting. Here are just two examples of how BudgetEase has helped nonprofits through its bookkeeping expertise.

Video: Donor Vs. Board Restricted Funds - What's the Difference?

What is a donor restriction and why is it different from a board restriction? In this quick video, Cindy Gill explains the difference:

HubSpot Video

How to Update Your QB File for Fixed Assets and Rental Property Improvements Using Your Tax Returns

If your small business has fixed assets or property, how do you determine the amount of depreciation to be entered into QuickBooks? Best practice is to use your accountant’s depreciation schedule, adjusting journal entries or an accountant copy update file to bring your QB in line with the tax return. If none are available, use this approach:

Review Your General Ledger – And Skip the Year-End Headache

It's all about the report! How often are you checking your books for accuracy? Reviewing a P&L (profit and loss statement) is a great practice to see how you’re netting out each month. But reviewing the GL (General Ledger) can quickly show you where something’s not adding up, or you've incorrectly entered data.

9 Reasons Why Financial Reports Make YOU Profitable

At BudgetEase, our motto is: Making YOU Profitable. How will you know YOU are profitable? You need solid financial reports in order to answer this question. BudgetEase can turn your financial information into a set of reports you can count on.

Deadline to file your 1096 is February 29th. Here's what you need to know

Heads up for businesses who sent 1099 to their contractors! The due date to file with the IRS is coming up quickly.