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    New Deadline for Filing W-2s and 1099 Forms

    If you are an employer filing W-2s and 1099s for the work completed in 2016, there are no longer two dates to remember. Now, employers have one date to file

    How To Reconcile A Bank Account Using QuickBooks

    A step-by-step video on how to reconcile your bank account using QuickBooks. I discuss two ways to use the reconciliation tool. You may also be interested in our blog post, "Why a Bank Reconciliation Makes YOU More Profitable."

    I Have an Office Manager, Why Hire a Bookkeeping Service?

    Many small but mighty growing businesses battle with how to delegate financial tasks. What access should you give to your employees? For most business owners to let go and trust someone else with managing their confidential books, the decision is tough. Not only could your time be spent more wisely, but what about leveraging your employee’s strengths and value appropriately? And what checks and balances do you have in place to ensure you are still in the loop when delegating certain administrative steps in the cash flow cycle?

    Opening Balance Doesn't Match My Bank Statement

    Here is an easy way to find the error and fix it so your Opening Balance on your Bank Statement matches the amount in QuickBooks Desktop.

    From SlowBooks to QuickBooks

    When cleaning out my childhood home, I came across the ledger books from my grandfather’s business, Superior Typesetting. The payroll ledgers date back to 1945 when a mere 16% was being withheld for taxes, nothing for health insurance. There were deductions for War Bonds. The hourly wage was less than $1 an hour.   

    The books weigh over 20 pounds. Each line in the journal is impeccable and neatly written.  I have memories of my great aunt Dolly working on these huge books when I visited the office.  

    Much has changed since then. Typesetting with metal type stopped in the 70's as innovations with electronic type started.  Now you could prepare a pamphlet on your home computer and print it, too.

    50% Off Set-Up of New QuickBooks Online Accounts

    If you have been thinking about moving your QuickBooks file from your desktop to the cloud, now is a great time to make the switch. BudgetEase is offering 50% off our set-up fee to start a new QuickBooks Online file for you or to move your existing file online.

    Semi-Annual QuickBooks Review Checklist

    2015 is halfway over - can you believe it?! Now is a great time to do a quick review to make sure your QuickBooks are correct. Here is the semi-annual checklist we use to make sure that our clients’ QuickBooks files are in order. 


    Learn How To Use QuickBooks

    Every day I talk to people who want to learn QuickBooks. Here is what I tell them:

    Start by Buying:

    • Michelle Long’s QuickBooks Practice Set ($32)

    8 Similarities Between Bookkeeping and Laundry


    At BudgetEase, we often compare bookkeeping to doing the Laundry.  Here are some similarities that we see:

    The 2nd Step to Starting a Small Business or Startup

    The 1st step to starting a small business or startup can be found here.

    As a bookkeeper, I am sharing some insights to maintain sound financial records. These are steps to put you on strong financial footing. Having a product or service that is demanded, building the right team, and finding customers are all very important – possibly more important is...

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